Steven G. Cohen

  • Licensed Representative
  • Phone : 212-962-1190
  • Fax : 212-964-1573
  • Address : 225 Broadway, 8th Floor New York, NY - 10007

Steve Cohen is a licensed representative who has practiced exclusively in the field of workers' compensation for over 30 years. Steve worked for the New York State Insurance Fund as a hearing representative for over 20 years. As such he has detailed knowledge of what insurance companies think when presented with a claim. He has the knowledge and expertise to get the maximum award possible out of the insurance company. Steve has been working with Alan M. Cass and Associates since 2001.

In addition to the above people who represent you at the hearing level we have a dedicated staff working behind the scenes to gather information in your case, answer your questions, and make sure you are able to obtain maximum benefits for your loss.