Construction Accident Attorneys in New York City

Construction workers encounter dangerous working conditions on a regular basis. Often, several crews work side by side using heaving equipment and sometimes flammable materials. A miscalculation can lead to serious and life-threatening implications.

Since 1980, Alan M. Cass and Associates has helped injured construction workers secure the compensation they are entitled to receive for any injured on the job. We have handled more than 30,000 workers' compensation claims in New York City. Our legal team has an intricate understanding of New York's workers' compensation system. We are fully prepared to help you fight back against any denied or delayed claims in pursuit of the benefits you are entitled to receive.

If you were injured on the job while working on a construction site, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Yet, insurance companies are known to deny and delay legitimate claims. Some of our lawyers worked in the insurance industry and know the tricks insurance adjusters play. Contact our NYC work injury lawyers today — we are fully prepared to help you secure the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Securing Compensation for Injured Construction Workers in New York City

Construction sites often include several contractors and subcontractors working together on a large project. Employment lines can quickly become blurred. If you or your loved one was in a construction accident, entrust our law firm to help secure your legal rights. We have extensive experience advocating for construction workers injured in a wide range of work-related accidents, such as:

Frequently, you will be entitled to workers' compensation benefits and will also be eligible for a personal injury claim.

Every work-related accident is fact specific. When you select our law firm, we will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the construction accident. This will ultimately determine the type of compensation you are entitled to receive. Any injuries connected to a work-related accident are covered under New York's workers' compensation system. This sounds straightforward, but insurance adjusters are known to deny or delay legitimate claims. We will take every measure possible to help you secure workers' compensation benefits for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Our legal team will help you pursue compensation above and beyond a workers' compensation claim, if someone outside of your employer caused the construction accident. We have experience working with safety experts and accident scene reconstructionists invaluable in helping us identify all liability and negligence factors. For example if the construction accident stemmed from a manufacturing error or a subcontractor's negligent actions, we will help you secure maximum compensation through a personal injury claim in addition to the workers' compensation benefits.

Contact Our Experienced Scaffolding Accident Lawyers in NYC

Whether you were in a scaffolding or forklift accident, obtain experienced legal counsel. Determining liability can be particularly complicated in construction claims involving multiple crews. For experienced advocacy and legal counsel, contact our construction accident lawyers in New York City for a free initial consultation. There is no risk to putting our experienced advocacy and legal counsel on your side.

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