Falls from Heights in New York

Falls: A Critical Workplace Danger

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 835 workers fell to their deaths in workplace accidents in 2007, the greatest number of falling fatalities since the bureau began its census of fatal occupational injuries in 1992.

Falls from heights include falls from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, non-moving vehicles, bridges, girders or other structural steel; falls down steps or stairs, through openings in the floor, skylights, and more.

Sobering Statistics

Only transportation-related accidents, contact with objects or equipment, and assault or other forms of violence on the job claimed more lives in 2007 than falls.

In addition to 835 fatalities, falls from heights cause serious injuries to thousands of workers every year. Falls can leave you permanently disabled and unable to return to your own job or any other — sometimes for life.

How will you pay your bills and support yourself and your family if you are too injured to work?

Whether you suffered an injury in a construction accident, a roofing accident or while painting a house, if you were working for someone else, you are entitled to medical, wage replacement and permanent disability benefits through the workers' compensation system. If your boss called you an independent contractor but you thought you were not, you need to speak with us.

Those who fall from heights may also be able to obtain additional compensation under Labor Law Section 240.

Representing Injured Workers and Their Families

If you were injured on the job in a fall from heights or if your family member died in such a fall, please contact the workers' compensation and negligence attorneys of Alan M. Cass and Associates. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined legal experience in workers' compensation law. We will review your case, advise you of your rights and fight to see that you obtain the full amount of benefits you are entitled to receive.

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