New York City Hearing Loss Injury Attorneys

A hearing loss injury can happen quickly from something like an explosion, or after long-term exposure at your job. Either way, the damage is often permanent and can severely affect your quality of life and ability to perform certain auditory tasks.

At Alan M. Cass and Associates, our experienced New York City hearing loss attorneys can help you explore and pursue your legal options. Whether your workplace environment is filled with continuous loud noises or excessive noise, such as a factory floor leading to an occupational disease or a one-time incident resulting in an ear trauma, we know how to assess your situation and provide detailed legal assistance and representation.

Long Island Ear Injury Lawyers Skillfully Handling Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Cases

Over the years, we have helped people pursue these cases because they truly need the financial compensation these claims provide in order to make ends meet. In addition, a successful legal action can encourage closer attention to health and safety issues that may prevent similar deaths.

As part of the New York workers' compensation process, people who have suffered hearing loss during the course of employment may qualify for a 'Schedule Loss of Use' award (known as an SLU). This is a separate cash payment for an injury that leaves you with less ability in a body part than you had before the injury, including long-term exposure that results in gradual loss or ability.

If you do not fully recover from this type of loss and cannot return to the same level of use in the injured body part, you may qualify for an SLU payment because you now have a condition that is defined as a permanent disability. We can help you pursue this option if your hearing loss injury qualifies.

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