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  • New York bus crash and scaffolding accident leave one dead, four injured

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    New York bus crash and scaffolding accident leave one dead, four injured

    A 49 year-old bus driver was tragically killed in an accident in Greenwich Village, New York. The accident, according to a local ABC affiliate, took place early in the morning at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 14th and was caused by a man attempting to flee the scene of a crime.

    It all started when a man allegedly stole a granola delivery truck. The truck was left running when the driver made a stop to distribute an order. A 23 year-old man then took the truck. In his attempt to get away, the man struck a taxi cab and scooter before crashing with a tandem MTA bus. The collision occurred with such great force that the bus and truck crashed into a nearby building that was undergoing some construction. It hit the scaffolding, causing it to crash as well. The bus driver, who had worked with MTA for almost 20 years, died at the scene. Two passengers and a street coffee vendor were also injured along with the driver of the truck.

    The case provides multiple examples of potential workers’ compensation issues.

    Workers’ comp issues: bus accident

    The first workers’ compensation issue involves the MTA employee, the bus driver. Since the driver was killed while completing his job, his family and loved ones will likely qualify for death benefits. In New York, the surviving spouse and minor children can qualify to receive weekly cash benefits. Generally, according to New York’s Workers’ Compensation Board, the amount provided is equal to two-thirds of the deceased’s workers’ weekly wage.

    In some cases, the benefits can extend to grandchildren, siblings or parents.

    Workers’ comp issue: scaffolding accident

    The second potential issue involves the scaffolding collapse. In this instance, it appears there were no workers injured. Had employees been injured while working on the scaffolding, they would likely be eligible to receive compensation to help cover the cost of injuries including medical treatment and rehabilitation.

    In addition, in some cases cash benefits can be awarded. The Workers’ Compensation Board generally uses a mathematical equation to determine the cash benefits. Generally, this equation takes two-thirds of the workers’ average weekly wage and multiplies it by the percentage of disability. Additional considerations may be taken into account depending on when the accident occurred.

    Navigating through the workers’ compensation system can be complicated. As a result, those injured while working should contact an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney. These legal professionals will be able to review your case and better ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.