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Not every work injury is physical in nature

Workers' compensation exists to help individuals who suffer job-related injuries account for the related financial expenses. In most cases, the injuries for which workers' compensation is awarded are physical in nature. It's important to note, however, that workers' compensation benefits are also awarded to employees who suffer psychological work-related injuries.

From a mental breakdown attributed to too much work stress to a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after witnessing a work accident, employees may experience psychological trauma and injuries that require professional help.

In some cases, a worker who suffers a physical injury at work may then develop secondary psychological injuries. In cases where an individual is involved and injured in a traumatic work accident; conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD can result.

Frequently, the metal harm and injuries that result from work-related accidents and injuries take longer to heal and are more debilitating than any physical injuries. Some employers provide counseling and other mental health services for workers who are involved in or who witness work accidents. While these types of programs can be helpful for some, others may experience a range of adverse psychological side effects and symptoms which make it difficult to impossible to return to work.

Employees, who have suffered psychological harm due to involvement in or witnessing of a work accident, are entitled to receive workers' compensation. However, claims related to psychological injuries may be refuted by employers and insurance providers. It's wise, therefore, to enlist the assistance of an attorney who can help an individual secure workers' compensation benefits and ultimately obtain the help he or she needs to heal and return to work.


Source: HR.BLR.com, "Psyched out - Preventing psychiatic injuries at work," April 22, 2015

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