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June 2015 Archives

Suspected natural death of worker turns out to be work accident

The surviving family of a New York plumbing contractor are likely struggling to cope with his unexpected death. This kind of trauma is not uncommon as workers are often exposed to life-threatening hazards that could cause a potentially fatal work accident. While many employers comply with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Associations, workplace accidents continue to occur.

Workplace injuries: Who pays compensation to temporary workers?

There seem to be some ambiguous areas related to the level of responsibility staffing agencies that place temporary workers have when on-the-job injuries occur. New York temporary workers who have suffered workplace injuries will likely face medical bills and financial hardships due to lost wages. From whom do they claim compensation? Should they file claims against the staffing agencies or the host companies -- or both?

Musculoskeletal workers' injuries common in health care industry

Health care workers in New York may benefit from the extension of the National Emphasis Program on Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, managed by the Occupational and Safety Health Administration. OSHA is particularly concerned about the numbers of workers' injuries caused by violence at the workplace, and ergonomic injuries resulting from regular repositioning, lifting and moving of heavy patients. The agency plans to provide additional resources to inspect care facilities that have above average levels of occupational illnesses and injuries.

2 workers injured in work accident when crane drops its load

Carrying out construction work on existing buildings in New York City requires careful planning. Equipment -- such as cranes that are used in areas in which pedestrians move about -- must be in proper operating condition. Understandably, any malfunction may have devastating consequences. A recent work accident reportedly left about 10 people injured in an incident at a construction site on Madison Avenue.

Disregard of safety regulations caused fatal work accident

Coping with the death of a loved one who went to work but failed to come home is naturally a traumatizing experience for the surviving family. The heartache can only be exacerbated if the grieving family learns from an accident investigation report that the loved one's death was avoidable. Such was the case for the family of a New York demolition worker who lost his life in a work accident in November of last year.

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