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July 2015 Archives

Safety hazard: Worker killed when combustible fly ash ignites

Every industry has its own safety hazards that must be addressed by company owners. One unique safety hazard at paper manufacturing plants is combustible fly ash. After a worker at a New York paper plant lost his life in January, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigators determined that the company failed to comply with multiple safety regulations. The agency said the worker's death could have been avoided had appropriate precautions been taken.

Child worker suffers hand amputation in work accident

There are strict labor laws in New York and other states when it comes to workers who are under the age of 18, and employers who fail to comply with the regulations put the safety of children on the line. OSHA recently completed an investigation into a work accident in another state that caused an amputation injury to a 14-year-old worker. This company's disregard for worker safety will affect this young boy for the remainder of his life.

Chicken plant cited for failing to prevent workers' injuries

Many New York workers are in industries in which muscular skeletal disorders pose a significant risk. These disorders can be caused by repetitive actions such as lifting or reaching overhead, bending, pulling and pushing loads and remaining in awkward body positions for long periods. Owners of such companies must study the ergonomics of each task and implement measures designed to protect employees from suffering these painful workers' injuries.

Occupational disease: Silicosis threatens the lives of millions

The dangers of exposure to silica dust were recognized many years ago, and to address the issue, the U.S. Department of Labor released a film about it as far back as 1938. Nothing much has been done about it since then, and about 1,600 new cases of silicosis -- an occupational disease caused by the inhalation of silica particles -- are reported annually. The number of fatalities per year is reported to be approximately 100.

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