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August 2015 Archives

Construction worker dies when lift shaft platform collapses

A New York construction company that was also cited for a safety violation in March is once again the subject of alleged negligence after the recent tragic death of a worker. Despite the strict safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers continue to allow safety hazards to exist. The latest incident took the life of a construction worker who fell down a lift shaft.

Worker suffers critical burn injuries in science lab explosion

Employers of construction crews are responsible for the safety of their workers. Before jobs are allocated, an employer must seek to avoid workplace injuries by ensuring that each worker is duly qualified for the task and that he or she is fully informed about the potential safety hazards. A New York construction worker was fortunate not to lose his life in an explosion that rocked a school building on a recent Thursday evening.

Worker's fall behind reversing truck causes workplace injury

Workers nationwide, including in New York, are at risk of suffering injuries if there are vehicles moving about on worksites. Employers are responsible for providing safety training on a regular basis. Creating awareness of the dangers posed by moving vehicles and the need for workers and drivers to be alert and observant is vital to prevent a workplace injury.

Ladder fall causes serious injuries to New York subway worker

Construction company owners have a tremendous responsibility to protect their workers against workplace injuries. This is a mammoth task because the construction industry is so diversified, and it presents a multitude of safety hazards. Regardless of the activity or the type of work site, certain safety regulations apply to all circumstances. However, the most common hazards are often disregarded. The violation of one of the most basic safety regulations may have contributed to the injuries a New York worker suffered in a recent ladder fall.

Workplace injury: Hearing loss may be a permanent disability

New York workers face multiple safety hazards, regardless of the industry in which they are employed. Many workplace environments are extremely noisy, and long-term exposure to such conditions may lead to hearing loss. This type of workplace injury can also follow a single incident such as an explosion. Whatever the cause of job-related hearing loss, it could be detrimental to the victim's quality of life -- both personal and professional.

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