Labor Law 240 Construction Accidents

New York’s labor law section 240 — the so-called scaffold law — protects the rights of workers who are injured when they fall from heights or are struck by a falling object while working.

The law holds building owners and contractors liable for damages when workers fall from ladders, scaffolding, bridges, hoists, roofs, or harnesses, or when they are struck by an object that falls from a height.


Labor law section 240 means that injured workers are eligible to recover financial compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits. The injured party in a labor law 240 construction accident case may claim damages for pain and suffering, which the workers’ compensation program does not cover, in addition to medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and lost future earning potential.

You don’t have to work on a big construction site to be covered by labor law section 240. Owners of one- and two-family homes are exempt from the law. Other building owners and contractors will be held liable for damages.

A report by the New York Trial Lawyers Association credits the scaffold law as “a major reason why New York’s construction industry occupational fatality rate is virtually the lowest in the nation.”

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