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Posts tagged "Construction Workers' Accidents"

New York construction worker deaths reach alarming numbers

There is mounting concern over the safety of construction workers in New York. The numbers of construction worker deaths and injuries have risen significantly, and federal investigators have reported that the majority of the incidents were entirely avoidable. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has, in many cases, determined that construction company owners focus on speedy completion of projects rather than worker safety.

New York construction accident claims life of 56-year-old worker

Losing a loved one in an on-the-job accident is a traumatizing experience, and adjusting to life if that loved one was the primary bread winner of a family typically presents many stumbling blocks. It is hard to understand why some company owners have no regard for the safety of their workers. A family in a neighboring state has to cope with such a loss after a construction accident in New York that claimed the life of their loved one.

Construction accident: Building collapse kills 1, injures another

In the aftermath of a massive building collapse in New York on a recent Friday morning, firefighters, EMT's and police put their lives on the line to save a worker's life. The lives of nineteen workers were brought into jeopardy in a construction accident when the eight-story building they were demolishing collapsed. Officials reported that the collapse happened in a V-shape and brought down the bottom five stories.

OSHA determines company responsible for worker's fatal injuries

Construction company owners and contractors in New York must assess the safety hazards on construction sites throughout all building activities. Each hazard must be addressed to protect workers from suffering construction accident injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently said nine New York construction workers have died in fall accidents so far this year, and compliance with safety regulations might have prevented these deaths.

Collapse of retainer wall causes death of construction worker

New York construction workers are exposed to multiple safety hazards in their line of work. In some cases, company owners fail to protect their workers against even the most basic hazards. The family of a 19-year-old construction worker is struggling to move forward after his death, who complained about several safety issues at work in the months before his death.

Scaffold fall causes death of New York construction worker

It is reported that there is a building boom in New York that has led to an increased number of construction injuries. Officials say the 2015 fiscal year shows three times more injuries occurred, and construction fatalities have almost doubled. Only a week after a construction worker died in a scaffold-related accident at a different construction site, a scaffold fall caused the death of another worker.

Construction worker dies when lift shaft platform collapses

A New York construction company that was also cited for a safety violation in March is once again the subject of alleged negligence after the recent tragic death of a worker. Despite the strict safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers continue to allow safety hazards to exist. The latest incident took the life of a construction worker who fell down a lift shaft.

Worker suffers critical burn injuries in science lab explosion

Employers of construction crews are responsible for the safety of their workers. Before jobs are allocated, an employer must seek to avoid workplace injuries by ensuring that each worker is duly qualified for the task and that he or she is fully informed about the potential safety hazards. A New York construction worker was fortunate not to lose his life in an explosion that rocked a school building on a recent Thursday evening.

Construction Injuries and fatalities are prevalent in New York

Every construction worker in New York has the right to a healthy and safe work environment. The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health recently revealed alarming details about construction worker injuries. It was determined that construction sites in the city are unsafe and poorly managed.

Recent NYC construction accident leaves 4 injured

The New York Times reported on a recent construction accident in which four construction workers were injured. The accident occurred earlier this week as the four workers were performing demolition work inside a building located on Madison Ave. near 43rd Street.

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