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Posts tagged "Workplace Injuries"

Workplace accident: Electrocution causes 10 percent of fatalities

Each year large numbers of workers nationwide, including in New York, suffer electrical shocks or burns caused by electrical currents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 141 reported deaths from electricity exposure in 2013 increased to 156 in 2014. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says approximately 10 percent of all workplace accident deaths are electrocutions.

Wegmans cited for workplace injury suffered by 2 bakery workers

Even though the law requires employers to provide safe workplace environments in which known hazards are addressed, preventable workplace accidents continue to occur. Dangerous areas must be dealt with in a manner that do not threaten the safety of workers. These requirements span all industries, as each workplace poses unique safety hazards that could cause a workplace injury.

Worker's fall behind reversing truck causes workplace injury

Workers nationwide, including in New York, are at risk of suffering injuries if there are vehicles moving about on worksites. Employers are responsible for providing safety training on a regular basis. Creating awareness of the dangers posed by moving vehicles and the need for workers and drivers to be alert and observant is vital to prevent a workplace injury.

Workplace injury: Hearing loss may be a permanent disability

New York workers face multiple safety hazards, regardless of the industry in which they are employed. Many workplace environments are extremely noisy, and long-term exposure to such conditions may lead to hearing loss. This type of workplace injury can also follow a single incident such as an explosion. Whatever the cause of job-related hearing loss, it could be detrimental to the victim's quality of life -- both personal and professional.

Chicken plant cited for failing to prevent workers' injuries

Many New York workers are in industries in which muscular skeletal disorders pose a significant risk. These disorders can be caused by repetitive actions such as lifting or reaching overhead, bending, pulling and pushing loads and remaining in awkward body positions for long periods. Owners of such companies must study the ergonomics of each task and implement measures designed to protect employees from suffering these painful workers' injuries.

Musculoskeletal workers' injuries common in health care industry

Health care workers in New York may benefit from the extension of the National Emphasis Program on Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, managed by the Occupational and Safety Health Administration. OSHA is particularly concerned about the numbers of workers' injuries caused by violence at the workplace, and ergonomic injuries resulting from regular repositioning, lifting and moving of heavy patients. The agency plans to provide additional resources to inspect care facilities that have above average levels of occupational illnesses and injuries.

CDC report details high injury rates among nurses and nursing assistants

The job of a nurse is demanding on many levels. Not only are nurses responsible for the care and general wellbeing of patients, but they are also tasked with physically assisting, moving and lifting patients. Given the general work demands associated with the nursing professional, it's not surprising that nurses and nursing assistants are at an increased risk of suffering work-related injuries.

Who is responsible for the health and safety of temporary workers?

Millions of U.S. workers rely upon temporary and contract work to make a living and support themselves and their families. From construction to warehouse work, frequently temporary workers are hired to complete assigned work duties that are dangerous and hazardous in nature. Unfortunately, both staffing agencies and host employers often fail to adequately educate or train temporary workers, thereby increasing the likelihood that a worker will suffer harm or injury.

Is your employer taking steps to address workplace hazards?

Every day throughout New York City, millions of people go to work. Whether an individual works inside or atop scaffolding outside a high-rise office building, there are a number of potential dangers and hazards to which all workers are exposed. If not properly addressed; exposure to these workplace hazards can result in workers suffering harm, injury and even death.

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