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Posts tagged "Workplace Accidents"

Trench collapse: Grave digger narrowly escapes death

A New York worker narrowly escaped his own death while he was digging a grave. A grave is no different from a trench in that it is a long narrow excavation cut into the surface of the earth. When an open grave caves in, the worker is exposed to the same hazards as in a trench collapse. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into worker safety at the various cemeteries throughout metropolitan New York area where this company operates its grave digging business.

Workplace accidents: Landscaper cited after worker's death

Company owners in New York are bound by federal law to provide workers with safe workplace environments that are free of known hazards. Unfortunately, some employers continue to violate safety regulations and put their employees in harm's way. One of the often-neglected responsibilities of employers is the proper maintenance of equipment to avoid workplace accidents.

University lab technician killed in work accident

While many workplaces pose multiple safety hazards that are not addressed, others may be perfectly safe. However, even in safe environments, unanticipated workplace accidents can happen in any industry nationwide, including in New York. One such work accident that occurred at about 10 a.m. on a recent Wednesday is under investigation in another state.

April rail car deaths investigation leads to $963,000 penalties

Workers in New York and other states are entitled to workplace environments that will not pose injury threats. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not take kindly to employers who disregard workers' safety. This was clearly demonstrated in the massive penalties it proposed after completing an accident investigation at a rail car cleaning facility in another state.

Worker killed in industrial accident after 40 years in 1 company

After working for the same New York company for over 40 years, a worker lost his life in a workplace accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently completed an investigation into the March industrial accident. Investigators came to the conclusion that the worker's death resulted from safety violations that were committed by the company.

Two workers fortunate to survive entrapment in trench collapse

Construction company owners in New York and other states have an enormous responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers. Unfortunately, the extreme dangers posed by certain aspects of construction work, such as trenches, do not always receive the necessary attention. Despite the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's prescribed regulations related to the safeguarding of trenches, severe injuries and even fatalities caused by a trench collapse remain prevalent.

Ladder fall causes serious injuries to New York subway worker

Construction company owners have a tremendous responsibility to protect their workers against workplace injuries. This is a mammoth task because the construction industry is so diversified, and it presents a multitude of safety hazards. Regardless of the activity or the type of work site, certain safety regulations apply to all circumstances. However, the most common hazards are often disregarded. The violation of one of the most basic safety regulations may have contributed to the injuries a New York worker suffered in a recent ladder fall.

Safety hazard: Worker killed when combustible fly ash ignites

Every industry has its own safety hazards that must be addressed by company owners. One unique safety hazard at paper manufacturing plants is combustible fly ash. After a worker at a New York paper plant lost his life in January, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's investigators determined that the company failed to comply with multiple safety regulations. The agency said the worker's death could have been avoided had appropriate precautions been taken.

Child worker suffers hand amputation in work accident

There are strict labor laws in New York and other states when it comes to workers who are under the age of 18, and employers who fail to comply with the regulations put the safety of children on the line. OSHA recently completed an investigation into a work accident in another state that caused an amputation injury to a 14-year-old worker. This company's disregard for worker safety will affect this young boy for the remainder of his life.

Suspected natural death of worker turns out to be work accident

The surviving family of a New York plumbing contractor are likely struggling to cope with his unexpected death. This kind of trauma is not uncommon as workers are often exposed to life-threatening hazards that could cause a potentially fatal work accident. While many employers comply with the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Associations, workplace accidents continue to occur.

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