Social Security Disability

Has a serious illness, personal injury or on-the-job accident resulted in you being unable to work for 12 months or longer? If so, you may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The process of obtaining benefits can be long and difficult. With help from the attorneys of Cass & Peters, you can feel confident that you will obtain the benefits you need.

If you have been out of work for six months and do not expect to be able to return to work for at least six more months, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Be forewarned, however, that valid claims for Social Security Disability benefits are routinely denied. For experienced help and to increase your chances of a successful claim, call our law firm toll free at 212-349-3420. We can talk to you about your rights and options in a free consultation.


Don’t give up if your application has been denied. Contact the attorneys of Cass & Peters. We have helped hundreds of injured people obtain disability benefits — even after their initial claims were denied. We often help workers’ compensation or personal injury clients obtain Social Security Disability benefits as part of our comprehensive service to injury victims.


Every worker pays into the Social Security Disability with every paycheck. You’ve paid for this insurance program, and you have the right to receive disability benefits when you need them and qualify for them. There are different types of medical conditions that qualify, ranging from kidney failure and cancer to psychological conditions. Talk to us now to learn if you qualify.

Call toll free: 212-349-3420 or e-mail our law firm to arrange a free consultation about your case. From offices in Manhattan, our Social Security Disability lawyers represent clients from New York City and throughout the tri-state area.